What is Occipital Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment?

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Occipital nerve stimulation migraine treatment is a medical-surgical process that may be useful for chronic headache or chronic migraines, which do not positively respond to other medical cures.

This was first time applied to deal with headaches in 1977, but till now, it is regarded as a chronic migraine headaches treatment in development.

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Occipital Nerve Stimulation

In occipital nerve stimulation migraine treatment, your doctor will insert a tiny device at the base of your temple that will be connected by a pulse generator for sending electrical impulses to the occipital nerve.

The pulse generator is also inserted below the collarbone; however, the belly and buttock parts also are preferences.

Risks linked with occipital nerve stimulation such as the possibility of adjusting the wire placement after the surgical procedure, infection, pain and muscle cramps.

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Study shows this may develop headaches for some individuals, but the effects are different.

Moreover, studies on occipital nerve stimulation migraine treatment have applied only on some participants, and long-term outcomes were not achieved.

A study conducted on chronic migraine people proved that about 40 per cent were reported a frequent benefit up to four years after occipital nerve stimulation.

But the study on this migraine treatment is rare, and a day to day research may discover some effects and benefits of occipital nerve stimulation for migraine treatment.

The Bottom Line:

Although there is some proof on occipital nerve stimulation may be useful for chronic headache treatment, but more studies are required before applying it’s as a usual headache treatment.