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How often do you experience headaches? Have you ever thought what the causes of headaches are? If you are looking for a natural treatment for headaches, you might want to consider acupressure points for headache relief. Acupressure has proved to be an effective way to treat headaches for a long time.

Acupressure refers to the parts of the body that are extra sensitive to pressure, and can actually energize you with the correct amount of pressure. Are you familiar with the term massage?
Acupressure Points for Headache Relief
Reflexology is a type of massage where you apply different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears, in specific body parts. 
People who practice reflexology, believe that through applying pressure to these areas can give you certain benefits. Such as –
  • Improve one’s health
  • Relieve pain
  • Restore Balance in the Body
Massage is a fantastic thing. People who study, it can explain how parts of the human body are connected to each other.
You have to massage a different body parts – perhaps your hand – to treat your head! You will need to find the right spot to pressure the right point to relieve your pain.
If you are interested in how pressure points work to treat headaches or how to get rid of a headache, perhaps you might want acupressure points for migraine headache relief, we’ll help you in that case. Let us see what science says.

The Science Behind Acupressure Points for Headache Relief

Although not very much science supports have used of acupressure points for headache relief, there are some studies that have shown how massage on the head and shoulders can ease the pain of headaches.
A small study from a trusted source in 2002 showed that – massage helped four adults who were suffering from chronic tension headaches
Within the first week of treatment, the numbers of headaches in each body parts were reduced. After the treatment had ended, surprisingly, the number of headaches per week, which was earlier, had reduced to only 2 per week. The average magnitude of each headache also dropped at a tremendous rate, from 8 hours to 4!
The results, as you might expect, were positive. The subjects experienced a less occurrence of headaches, less average time, and less potency of headaches due to the ten intense one-hour massage treatments.

The Use of Acupressure Points for Headache Relief

There are some pressure points that are best known to relieve headaches. Below are discussed where they are and how pressure should be applied:
Union Valley
It is located somewhat between your index finger and your thumb. Use your other hand to apply pressure, start with a gentle touch. 
The index finger and the thumb of your other hand should be used. Keep pinching the area for 10 seconds, lightly.
Next, you have to make small circles on this region in the upper part, and then in the lower one, for another 10 seconds
Do this again, repeat the process on the Union valley of your other hand
This can relieve muscular tension and shifts excess energy away from your head.

Drilling Bamboo:
The Drilling bamboo pressure point is located at the inner corners of the eyes, in between the ends of both the eyebrows. Here is how you can use this pressure point as a treatment of headache:
Use both of your index fingers to apply pressure to both points (The inner corners of your eyes).
Keep holding for 1 minute. Then release, and redo the process.
This method is most likely to be used by someone who is suffering from eye strain and sinus pain.

Gates of Consciousness:
The gates of consciousness pressure point are located at the very back of your head, in the back of your neck. Here is how to use it:
Your index and middle fingers of both hands should be placed at the pressure points.
Gently press upwards for 10 seconds, release, and then repeat.
This can relieve headache as well as neck pain and anxiety.

Third Eye:
The Third Eye pressure point is located exactly between the ends of the two eyebrows, more in the central forehead.
Apply gentle pressure by your index finger of one hand ( Do this for 1 minute)
Pressure applied to this pressure point can relieve anxiety, insomnia (inability to sleep) and of course, headache.

Shoulder Well:

This pressure point is rather located at the back of your shoulder, in the shoulder muscle. More precisely, in between the base of your neck and the end of your shoulder.
The thumb should be used to apply moderate, circular pressure in this area for a minute.
Then do the same thing to your opposite shoulder.
This can relieve clumsiness in the shoulder muscles as well as neck pain and headache. This also reduces shoulder pain.
Although the use of acupressure points for headache is not well investigated, still, there is a small number of study that shows massage can pressure points can relieve headaches.
Reflexology does not involve the introduction of instruments into our body, and if you can do it yourself, it will not even cost you a buck. But you are advised to visit a licensed doctor if you are frequently having severe headaches.

Stimulating Acupressure Points for Headache Relief:

Are you suffering from migraine? If you are, stimulating pressure points might be some help!
In the journal Neurological Sciences, a study showed that acupressure applied to the wrist were relieved nausea. This point has also proved itself against other kinds of nausea, such as – motion sickness.
Acupressure can also relieve chronic headache pain, which is often caused by migraines. We know this from. A study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine.
You can make an appointment with a professional, or consult with an expert of reflexology, who can guide you the right way of applying the acupressure points for headache relief. 
There are also a set of tools that you can use, such as a foot roller or an acupuncture finger-ring. This might help relieve migraine.
Stimulating pressure points has its benefits, and obviously, it is low in risk. However, stimulating certain pressure points can boost the amount of labor in pregnant women. So they are advised not to apply these methods during pregnancy.
Talking to the doctor before trying to apply acupressure points for headache relief yourself is necessary. They can show you the right way, and the correct method that may be more effective.