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Exercise headaches happen either during or soon after vigorous working out movements. It is often called as exercise headaches or weightlifting headaches.

This type of headache typically notices a throbbing feeling that touches both sides of your head.

But, some persons may only feel the stress to the right or left side of the head. Exertion headache can stay for five minutes to 48 hours.
Weightlifting Headaches

Sudden Headache when Lifting Weights:

Primarily weightlifting headaches are the type of headaches that can occur when lifting weights. They are usually the consequence of happening higher pressure in the chest or in the abdominal muscles, according to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
Weight lifting can make enough stress or pressure on abdominal or chest muscles that you experience a headache. 
The higher pressure causes this type of headache isn’t well expressed, but some medical experts consider that happen due to the body movement, the skull blood vessels get open. This causes to a sudden high in blood pressure that triggers pain.

Diagnosis of Weightlifting Headaches:

The pounding pain through vigorous movements is not the most distressing aspect of an exercise headache. Weightlifting headaches sometimes indicate an underlying disorder. 
So it’s vital to go to a doctor, particularly when headache is happened by vomiting, double vision, neck strictness or loss of awareness, advises the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. In this circumstance, the headache is considered as a minor exercise headache.

Underlying Health Problems for Weightlifting Headaches:

Many health problems can occur to an exertion headache when lifting weights. Some of the more common like bleeding in the brain, defects of the blood vessel, spinal blocks and sinus infections, along with mild or severe tumors. 
Your doctor can help to identify the level of your weightlifting headaches, is it on a primary or secondary level. When recognized, treatment is recommended.

Treatment for Exertion Headaches

Primarily tension headaches treatments can respond well to weightlifting headaches. For some people, aspirin is enough to decrease discomfort, while others may need stronger medications, for example, propranolol or indomethacin. 
Propranolol is a recommended blood pressure medication, and Indomethacin is a recommended anti-inflammatory. 
If your weightlifting headaches are in the secondary level, another treatment option is necessary, based on the particular reason.
An article published by Annals of Neurosciences in 2012, primary weightlifting headaches affect up to one percent of the people in their lifetime. If you are prone to migraines, exercise can be a trigger for you.
Weightlifting headaches can be stopped by doing a warm-up before a vigorous exercise session. Swimming, cycling, running and tennis are directly linked with these headaches. 
Alternatively, if you are prone to weightlifting headaches, stop performing the exercise in hot weather or at high altitudes.