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How to Stop a Migraine Aura: Typical or common migraines start with a symptom which is known to an aura.

A migraine aura happens before the real migraine attack.

According to Mayo Clinic.com- most of the time, a migraine aura is considered by visual troubles.

Migraine Aura symptoms may be such as blind spots, flashes of light, partial vision or light outlines, which may start up to 30 minutes before of the pain.
In some circumstances, treating the migraine during the aura can stop the headache before starting the pain effectively. This post will cover how to stop a migraine aura with 9 simple steps.
How to Stop a Migraine Aura

How to Stop a Migraine Aura?

Step 1
Stop doing everything as soon as possible that you are doing. That means while you are noticing any migraine aura symptoms, try to avoid the following migraine pain symptoms fast. The more you will wait to stop aura symptoms, the more likely it will develop as severe migraine pain.
Step 2
Go into a dark room and massage your head lightly. The soft pressure over your forehead may help stop the oncoming migraine.
Step 3
Try biofeedback at the beginning of an aura symptom. According to MayoClinic.com,- Biofeedback is a different remedy method by which you can observe and control your biological replies through your brain.
Electrodes attachment to the skin can tell you the factors such as brain waves, skin temperature, and muscle tension. Or you can go to a biofeedback therapist to know how exactly relax the muscles or blood vessels in the brain and halt the onset migraine.
Step 4
You can drink a cup of coffee. Caffeine in the coffee can helps stop arising oncoming migraine for some people. But, keep in mind that taking too much or too often caffeine may cause repeated headaches.
Step 5
Drink plenty of water or other liquid things to stay hydrated. Hydration is vital when the aura is occurred by vomiting.
Step 6
Try to take an over-the-counter pain reliever before the headache actually starts in the aura. Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, and aspirin may be good alternatives on how to stop migraine aura.
Step 7
Take a triptan tablet. Triptans help to stop an oncoming migraine by narrowing blood vessels and can be taken during the aura that occurs a migraine. Ask your doctor for a remedy of a triptan medicine, because these are not readily available over-the-counter.
Step 8
Use butterbur or feverfew herbs after asking your doctor about the proper dosage and regularity of use. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center– these herbs have been proved as a useful remedy for preventing migraines.
Step 9
Try applying homoeopathic migraine aura treatment and consult a professional homoeopath doctor. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center- Some usual homoeopathic medications like belladonna, Bryonia, Ignatia, Lachesis and sepia may work well for stopping oncoming migraine pain.
Taking excessive pain medications during a migraine can trigger repeated headaches or a sudden increase in migraines with aura. Therefore these drugs should not be applied for over three days in a week.
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