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Are you occasionally suffering from a sharp pain on left side of head comes and goes? Many reasons might occur.

According to experts, migraine headaches are one of the main reasons for head pain.
On the other hand, migraine headaches typically cause burning or dull throbbing pain, not sharp pain.
Sharp pain on left side of head above ear can be noticeable unexpectedly, and it can show both sides of the head or on one side of the head.
In some circumstances, sharp headache back of head left side can decrease someone’s ability to do activities in daily life. 

Here are 3 main causes of sharp pain on left side of head comes and goes.
sharp pain on left side of head


1. Brain Tumor:
A brain tumor could occur sharp pain.
A non-profit brain tumor research community -National Brain Tumor Society found that- a brain tumor occupies space inside the skull and can disturb usual brain actions.
A brain tumor can increase the stress inside the head or can also damage brain’s nerves or tissue.
Brain tumor signs are most commonly depending on the part and the size of the tumor.
The National Brain Tumor Society stated that recognizing a tumor in the brain initially is challenging to take a treatment plan.
Symptoms of a brain tumor may be included, like a sharp pain in left side of neck and head, continual head pain, loss of feeling, eyesight troubles, unsteadiness, hearing loss, dizziness, behavior changes, and speaking troubles.
2. Giant Cell Arteritis:
Giant cell arteritis is one more reason for sharp pain in the left side of the head.
According to the mayoclinic.com, that giant cell arteritis occurs a throbbing pain in the arterial lining.
Arteries pass oxygenated blood from the heart to your body tissues.
Giant cell arteritis most commonly disturbs the arterial blood vessel in the temples, which is also known as temporal arteritis.
Common symptoms of giant cell arteritis may be included, like continual pain in back of head at base of skull, fever, low eye vision, loose skin, double vision, jaw pain during chew, and unexpected weight loss.
In some circumstances, giant cell arteritis occurs to severe health problems, for example, heart stroke and blindness.
Some risk factors may increase the chances of giant cell arteritis, as well as advanced age, being a woman.
3. Trigeminal Neuralgia:
Trigeminal neuralgia is number three and the last causes of sharp pain.
According to some of the studies report through the National Institute of Neurological Disorders, and Stroke stated that trigeminal neuralgia is a kind of nerve trouble that occurs sharp or acute pain in and about the face.
Trigeminal neuralgia is happened by many entrapments and incidental pain of the trigeminal nerve by a painful tumor.
The trigeminal nerve works as a sensational feeling between the facial skin and the brain.
Although trigeminal neuralgia could affect all age persons, it typically affects older adults — besides, sharp pain in and about the face.
The most common symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia can be short terms of pain in back of head and neck, or pain only one side of the head and face at once, and pain attacks that increase in occurrence ultimately or sharp pain on left side of head comes and goes.