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Headache in Children that means children suffer from headaches, which can occur at the beginning of a lifelong syndrome or maybe age-specific.

It can create a severe problem in children, which can be immediately treated. One should take their children directly to the doctor for the diagnosis.

The diagnosis is based on the physical examination, a detailed history, and various other tests to determine the correct disease’s symptoms.

Sometimes the children get primary or secondary headaches that can occur on their own or sometimes can cause some conditions such as blood vessel problems or head injury.

There are various types of headache which can occur in children, and they are:-

Headache in Children

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# Migraine Headaches in Children

This type of headache is usually characterized by nausea and vomiting. It affects the children on both sides of the head.

The symptoms caused in children like glassy-eyed or pale or seem to be irritable at the time of the attack.

Periodic vomiting without headache and car or motion sickness can be the other causes of migraine headaches in children in later years.

The children can experience a migraine headache at the age below five years or half below twenty years.

The migraine headache in children can also occur after causing an injury due to sporting activities like baseball, football, or soccer.

# Organic Headaches in Children

This is the most common type of headache present in children due to infectious illnesses such as bacterial or viral.

This type of headache is muscular incoordination, fever, weakness, lethargy, and stiff neck and nausea and vomiting.

# Tension Headache in Children

This type of headache is most frequent in children due to the cause of emotional factors.

The headache can occur due to putting a tight band around the head, which can be expressed as diffuse and not due to nausea and vomiting.

These headaches are mostly due to stress at schools, family friction, competition, etc., and it can lead to depression or anxiety in children.

Treatment of Headaches in Children

Treatment of a headache depends on the children’s weight and age, severity, and frequency of attacks.

The doctors recommend the children to keep a check on the regular sleep and eating habits.

Plenty of fluids should be taken, and the intake of sugar and caffeine should be avoided.

The parents should keep a watch on the children while playing, doing schoolwork, and watching T.V.

Antiemetics and analgesics are useful for the children below 12 years suffering from infrequent attacks of headache in children and medications such as triptans should be avoided in children below 18 years of age.