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Your body, far from letting you down when it produces a headache, is trying to make you aware of how harshly you are treating it, and it will continue to plague you with pain until you listen.

It is trying to make you change some aspect, or possibly more than one destructive pattern of behavior – trying to get you to stop and think.


A headache Enforces Rest

It might be saying to you:

  • Why do you continually overwork?
  • When are you going to look to your emotional needs?
  • When are you going to eat sensibly?
  • When are you going to cut down on alcohol?
  • When are you going to get out of that relationship?
  • When are you going to realize your immune system is very low?
  • When are you going to follow your life purpose?

The list is endless.

Beginning at the beginning.

Many people understandably become obsessed with the headache but fail to see it as a result, not the start of their problems or treating their bodies.

‘If only I did not get these headaches, life would be wonderful.’

This is unlikely; headaches don’t evolve without favorable conditions, and, in any case, if you did not get headaches, nature might push you in some other way to force you to take stock.

It could be by giving you digestive problems, panic attacks, asthma, depression, or any chronic condition which forces you temporarily to slow down.

Which condition manifests in you will depend on where your weak spot is.

Have you noticed that there is always another standing in the queue ready to take its place when a long-term stress-induced malady disappears?

Perhaps this is the body saying, ‘Well, if you won’t listen to what a gastric ulcer is telling you, let’s try panic attacks – they can lead to agoraphobia and then see if you can carry on working at this pace!’

All chronic conditions highlight the fact that your being is not balanced, is not in harmony.

This is the Baseline.

This is where your detective work begins, taking an honest look at what is smoldering at the bottom of your volcano and being open enough to admit that whatever is lurking there is your responsibility, not your doctor’s (providing, of course, that he has fully investigated your symptoms), nor are they the fault of your boss/partner/mother-in-law.

You cannot change their behavior no matter how unreasonable it is.

All you have control over is your reaction to your position – how much you will allow yourself to be affected and, in short, how much you are going to stoke the fires of your volcano.

But my Headaches are Purely Physical.

You might want to protest, ‘But it is only stuffy rooms/sinus problems/sunlight/loud noise and so on that affects me. It is physical.’

Nothing can be ‘just physical’ – the autonomic nervous system is governed by the emotions, which in turn affect the circulation, the muscles, and the immune system and so on.

Although this may be a bit esoteric for some, I believe that the emotions depend on the spirit. So everything affects everything else.

If you find all this discouraging and wonder where to start, remember that the good news is, because of this interdependency, any positive actions towards balance in one area will affect the whole being.