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Headaches are divided into two categories- primary and secondary. Primary headaches are not linked with other ailments. The health care providers make the right headaches diagnosis as well as some certain tests.

The Doctors will talk to one about her or his health and usual activities.

Any type of headaches can be caused by abuse of drugs, excessive exposure to many painful substances, head injuries in the past, and changes in the level of hormones.

Maintain a diary to report things like factors that give relief from headaches and cause headaches.

The doctor suggests keeping a diary and write about triggers when they happen and what types of moods are like before experiencing a headache.

Headaches Diagnosis

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Headaches Diagnosis Types:

The following are the main types of diagnose for headaches to determine like:

# Psychological Exam as a part of Headaches Diagnosis:

If psychological influences increase the headache, a trained mental health professional will be suggested an evaluation by the doctor in detecting the headache.

Any subsequent counseling and evaluation must be components for the treatment plan.

# Blood Tests:

The changes in blood vessels can signal many diseases such as liver problems, thyroid, low blood sugar, kidney problems, and anemia’s.

# Office Tests:

The health care providers check the nose, jaw, ears, and throat that can cause headaches to perform simple office tests.

# Electroencephalography (EEG):

Electroencephalography has shown the electrical activities of the head.

It may be detected many disturbances in brain functions, seizure-like activities, the various effects of metabolic substances, and irregularities in rhythm.

Experienced health care providers do not agree on the results of Electroencephalography; however some experts may use it to determine the headache.

# X-rays as a part of Headaches Diagnosis:

The health care providers diagnose the headache in many cases suggest X-rays. X-rays help in detecting the different causes of migraines or headaches.

However, it is used to determine the diseases around the brain such as excessive fluid in the brain or sinus infection.

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# Magnetic Resonance Imaging:

It is also known as MRI and gives better results than other tests.

In this test, radio waves and magnetic fields are used to determine the disease.

There is less use of X-rays in this test.

When the MRI machine is placed inside, that is large but very sophisticated.

In a specific direction, the magnetic field will be oriented to the brain.

And then, changes in the movement of atoms will be detected by Radio waves to picture the brain structure.

# Computed Axial Tomography Scan:

CAT is also determined the complete structure of the brain. It is also used to assess blood clots.

It is a new technological type of X-rays. Many people have injected with harmless dye.

If one is allergic to shellfish, they may also be allergic to safe dye, as it includes iodine.