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Prescription Headache Medications List: There are large numbers of medications available to reduce the headache.

All medications offer different possible side effects and various medical benefits.

Some drugs from headaches used by prescription, and some of them are OTC.

Some medicines are addictive and some are forming a habit and treat more than one disease at a single time.

Health care providers recommend certain drugs according to signs and symptoms and causes of the type of headache.

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Headache Medications

Prescription Headache Medications List

The following are specific medications for reducing the level of headache:

# Isometheptene

Patients can use it with a combination of analgesics or other drugs.

The main combinations of medications to treat headaches are Duradrin® or Midrin®, including acetaminophen + dichloralphenazone + isometheptene. It is a beneficial combination to treat headaches.

# Analgesics

An analgesic like aspirin is used to reduce headaches, and it is readily available OTC.

It can be used with other medications such as codeine.

Simple analgesics are not more effective as compared to combination analgesics.

Patients can quickly get a combination of painkillers at OTC.

Most people with infrequent and mild headaches give the best result to combination and simple analgesics.

Generic names of Analgesics Trade names of Analgesics

  • Aspirin Bufferin®, Bayer®
  • Acetaminophen Tylenol®
  • Aspirin + Acetaminophen + Caffeine Excedrin®, Excedrin Migraine®
  • Aspirin + Caffeine Anacin®

The irritation of the Stomach is the main possible side effect of combination and simple analgesics.

Consult the doctor before taking the simple or combination painkillers to treat any headache.

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# Ergot Alkaloid Derivatives

Ergot Alkaloid Derivatives are also known as Migraine-specific medications.

These drugs are very useful in working for nerves and blood vessels in the brain.

These headache medications can be found in different types, such as dihydroergotamine and ergotamine tartrate.

Generic names of Dihydoergotamine Trade names of Dihydroergotamine

  • DHE nasal spray Migranal® Nasal Spray
  • DHE injection DHE 45® Injection
  • Generic names of Ergotamine Tartrate Trade names of Ergotamine Tartrate
  • Ergotamine Tablets Ergomar®
  • Ergotamine Tartrate Tablets+ Caffeine Wigraine®, Ercaf®

Ergot’s Possible side effects may include numbness, nausea, muscle cramps, cold fingers or toes, and tingling sensations.

These drugs contraindicate in persons with heart problems, a peripheral vascular disorder like Raynaud’s disease, and high blood pressure.

# Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory medications are very effective analgesics.

People can get these drugs in the form of liquids or tablets.

Some medications effectively treat mild, moderate, and severe headaches, and people can easily find some drugs at OTC.

It has possible side effects such as stomach upset. Before using these headache medications, discuss health care providers.

Generic names of NSAIDs Trade names of NSAIDs

  • Flurbiprofen Ansaid®
  • Ketoprofen Orudis®
  • Piroxicam Feldene®
  • Diclofenac K Cataflam®
  • Ibuprofen Motrin®, Advil®, Nuprin®
  • Naproxen Aleve®, Anaprox® DS, Naprosyn®

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# Butalbital

The trade names of this drug are Fioricet® or Fiorinal®.

These headache medications combined with aspirin, caffeine, or acetaminophen, may be useful to treat headaches.

It may be habit-forming medication. So, various physicians to treat severe headache can reserve these drugs.

# Other Narcotic Analgesics

The agents’ generic names may include hydrocodone, fentanyl, morphine, methadone, meperidine, and hydromorphone.

These agents are also useful in treating headaches.