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Dangerous Headaches: All people suffer from one of the other headaches which occur from time to time.

The leading cause of headache is stress which can sometimes result in fever.

Primary headaches are caused to more than 95 per cent of people who are not considered to be dangerous.

Dangerous headaches are very rare, but the person should know the types of dangerous headaches.

Most of the headaches are not dangerous.

This means that they do not have organic or a physical cause like meningitis, tumor or an aneurysm.

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The doctor can ask the following questions from the patient while diagnosing the headache such as:-

  • When did he/she get the first headache?
  • When did he/she get the worst headache?
  • Is it different from the usual headaches?
  • Is it accompanied by aches, pains, high fever, fainting and dizziness?
  • Is it a result of overexertion or head trauma?

Dangerous Headaches

There are various types of headaches which may be dangerous or may not be dangerous. Some of them are:

# Migraine Headaches

This type of headache is very severe on one side of the head, and then it surrounds the center of the head or behind one eye.

This headache can last for hours, days and weeks.

It can result in vomiting, nausea, poor visibility, mood and sound disturbances.

Many migraine sufferers need calm, quiet and dark surroundings to sleep and rest.

Some patients suffer from this type of headache daily, and for them, they can be quite painful and frequents attacks can disrupt the life of the person.

These headaches can be sometimes dangerous.

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# Rebound or Chronic Daily Headaches

This type of headache generally occurs due to the intake of caffeine, which contains drugs.

The headaches which occur several times over one year without showing any symptom are known as chronic headaches.

The most common of them are migraines and tension-type headaches.

These can be dangerous if proper treatment is not being taken.

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# Tension Headache

This type of headache is characterized by pain in the neck, head, tension, face, shoulders and soreness.

The patient feels like burning or gripping.

Tension headache can be reduced by breathing, massage, exercise, yoga, hot or cold pack application etc.

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# Cluster Headache

This headache occurs several times a day, for several days and several weeks at a time and then disappears after some time.

Tearing in the eye and nostril, agitation, stabbing sensations in one eye etc. are some of the symptoms of cluster headache.

Oxygen therapy can help in reducing the cluster headache.

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Sometimes this type of headache can be dangerous as one cannot discover the actual causes of headache.

Thus, the person should be aware of the types of headaches which can be dangerous at several times. Proper treatment should be taken to treat dangerous headaches.