Acupuncture for Migraines Treatments|| How does Acupuncture works?

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In today’s world, more and more people are considering acupuncture for migraines treatments. Acupuncture is also used to treat intense migraine attacks.

If acupuncture for migraines treatments is done under expert supervision, this treatment usually is safe and does not have a complicated process.

Maybe a friend suggested acupuncture, who has already tried it.

But additionally, you can look for the results of many types of research, which continuously suggest that acupuncture for migraines treatments can be a profitable approach.

Acupuncture for Migraines

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How Acupuncture for Migraines Points Work?

A general acupuncture session requires the insertion of fine needles in specific acupuncture points on your body. Also, the needles are gently manipulated.

People who practice acupuncture say that this improves blood flow within the tissues, via a “axon reflex.”

The insertion of a needle affects the small vessels in that region, and the vessels dilate.

But many theories explain in what way acupuncture works. Acupuncturists believe that there are several processes regarding relieving symptoms of migraine.

Evidence is growing that acupuncture can help with parasympathetic nervous system activity, which allows the body to remain at an optimal rate of heartbeats, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and a slight change in these health conditions that might trigger a migraine.

Understanding Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

Muscle tension is known to over-stimulate the body’s ability to respond to pain, and it is believed that regular acupuncture sessions can alleviate this condition.

The frequency of migraines can be reduced if the brain’s electrical activity is slightly altered, and acupuncture can do that.

You can limit stimulating acupuncture points to the legs and arms, avoiding the neck and head regions. This can activate the pain-relieving effects.

Also, avoiding dilating blood vessels is mandatory, for it may only worsen your migraine.

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Use for Chronic Migraine Prevention

People often consider treating themselves with acupuncture to get relief from migraines.

This is highly common among people who want to avoid other side effects of medications.

Several scientific studies strengthen the fact that acupuncture is effective in preventing migraines.

Indeed, a therapy similar to acupuncture may start a placebo effect, making people believe that there will be a beneficial effect.

The typical researches on acupuncture in migraines are based on comparing it to sham acupuncture.

Sham acupuncture is a type of treatment that includes the insertion of needles into regions unlikely to alleviate symptoms.

Several studies have confirmed that in the case of migraine, acupuncture is far better than sham acupuncture.

A study carried out in China consisted of 249 participants who had a migraine and experienced it 2-8 times a month.

One group was treated with acupuncture for five days per week; on the other hand, the second group was treated with sham acupuncture following the same schedule.

Four weeks later, the first group experienced massive reduction migraines experienced, from 2-8 to 3 per month!

On the contrary, the sham group had a comparatively less reduction; only two migraines decreased.

The acupuncture sessions typically take place for several days a week, for 5-10 weeks. If you seek treatment through acupuncture, you must keep this in mind.

To get your desired results, it may take about 20 sessions of acupuncture.

Only then, you may experience a considerable reduction in the frequency of your migraine.

Although it is unknown how long this effect may last, the pain may persist if you stop the acupuncture sessions at a certain point.

Use for Acute Migraine Treatment

It is said that migraines pain is closely linked with the dilation of blood vessels located in the brain.

Experts believe if the blood flow is increased by the insertion of needles in the neck and head area, it will not give a fruitful result.

Moreover, it can even worsen the situation.

Additionally, acupuncture is thought to be impractical in treating acute migraine attacks.

This requires you to visit an expert for treatment right when you are experiencing migraines, but your acupuncturist cannot be available all the time.

The impracticality is another reason why not much research has been done in this particular area.

Although some studies show acupuncture can alleviate migraines, we are not guaranteed about sustainability.

Plus, there was a study that showed that acupuncture only helped reduce migraine pain only for an hour.

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Acupuncture For Migraines Side Effects:

Acupuncture, having originated in the ancient east, is now the solution for many medical conditions.

But don’t practice it at home, be sure to consult a practitioner who has received the required training and is experienced.

Remember, although it is not that common, headaches might be a sign of another physical problem that requires medical attention—for example – brain tumour or meningitis.

Keep in mind that not every chronic headache is a migraine. Persistent headaches can also be tension headaches, or maybe just a side effect of a medication or some other condition.

At first, consider visiting a doctor to find out the roots of your headache, which includes any underlying condition.

Get a proper diagnosis before you jump to a different treatment.


Constant migraine attacks can hamper your daily activities.

The medications provided for migraines may not always be useful and can only temporarily relieve the side effects.

It is high time you should consider a different treatment.

Acupuncture for Migraines can be an option since it is safe and effective. It is also helpful in relieving acute migraine attacks.