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Primary cough headaches are not a common type of headache and bouts of coughing.

The possible effects of this type of headache may include blowing the nose, crying, bending, singing, laughing, or sneezing.

Primary Cough Headaches

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Nobody knows the leading cause of primary cough headaches.

However, many researchers and scientists estimate that high pressure in the brain while coughing or other straining forms may play a vital role in causing this headache.

Primary cough headaches may cause by contributing factors such as irregularities anatomical or previous or hidden infection in the brain.

Risk factors of Primary Cough Headaches

Primary cough headaches are mostly affected by men whose ages are 40 years or more than 40 years as compared to women.

Males feel about eighty percent of this type of headache.

Signs and Symptoms

Primary cough headache is caused suddenly and severely after coughing or other forms of straining.

This type of headache occurs a few seconds to several minutes. Primary cough headaches are lasting for about half-hour.

The ache in this type of headache can describe as stabbing, splitting, or sharp.

One who is suffered from primary cough headache may experience pain on both sides of the scalp. In some cases, dull pain in this headache may linger for a few hours.

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The health care providers will prefer an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging exam) examination to diagnose primary cough headaches.

In the process of examination, radio waves and a magnetic field are used to make cross-sectional images of the nervous systems’ complete structures.


There are no complications for this type of headaches. This type of headache has not developed any complications.

When to seek Medical Advice

If someone experiences sudden signs and symptoms of this type of headache after coughing, consult the health care providers or physicians as soon as possible.

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This type of headaches are lasting for a few seconds to a few minutes. If one has a family history of this disorder, healthcare providers will suggest preventive therapy with indomethacin.

This drug is beneficial for reducing the pressure in mind. Other medications for this therapy include topiramate or acetazolamide.

A spinal tap will be preferred by the health care providers to treat this disease in rare cases.

In this method, a small quantity of the spinal fluid will be removed by the doctors surrounding the spinal cord and brain.


Avoid coughing for preventing this type of headache. Do not use cough inducing medicines and treat lung infections like bronchitis.