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Thunderclap headaches can grab our attention as a boom of thunder. This headache may arise suddenly and fades within a few hours.

This type of headache is not common.

In some cases, it may cause bleeding in the brain.

Thunderclap headaches mostly affected women whose ages are more than 45 years.

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Thunderclap Headaches

What Causes Thunderclap Headaches?

There is no main reason for the development of thunderclap headaches.

In some cases, life-threatening situations can be caused by this headaches.

In some cases, the following conditions may occur thunderclap headaches causes:

  • The break in the blood vessel can be caused by bleeding into the scalp.
  • There is bleeding into the membranes and covers the brain and scalp itself.
  • Blood clots in the tissues of the brain
  • Bulges in the blood vessel in the scalp
  • Tears in the artery’s line in the neck that may supply blood to the nervous system
  • Tears in the membrane that may around the spinal cord and brain, causing to a leak of spinal fluid
  • Bleeding in the pituitary gland and tissue death

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Thunderclap Headaches Symptoms:

This kind of headaches are full of drama or striking. In this disorder, the aches strike severely and suddenly.

Sometimes, people feel severe pain on both sides of the scalp.

So, how long do thunderclap headaches last?

Severe or chronic pain occurs for a few minutes and fades own in several hours.

When to Seek Medical Advice:

When one experiences sudden signs and symptoms of any headaches, go to the health care providers or doctors immediately.


To detect this headaches, health care providers will perform a Computed Tomography scan of the brain.

An X-ray is used in this test to take images of the complete texture of the brain and rotates around the human body.

In some cases, a spinal tap is used for diagnosing this headaches.

In this method, a small amount of spinal fluid is removed by the health care providers surrounding the spinal cord and brain.

Sometimes, the doctors will take a sample of cerebrospinal fluid to test for white blood cells, protein, and others.

The health care providers, to a determination of this headache, also perform Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

In this procedure, radio waves and magnetic fields make cross-sectional images of the brain’s complete structure.

In some cases, the doctor for searching for a cerebral aneurysm uses a cerebral angiogram.

In this test, a small, thin, and flexible tube is inserted into an artery in the brain.

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There are no main complications of this type of headache.

In fact, this disease associates no complication.

Thunderclap Headaches Treatment:

Do thunderclap headaches go away or what are the treatments of thunderclap headaches?

There is no main treatment for this types of headaches.

However, oral painkillers are taken by people to reduce it.

The doctor to stop severe ache also prescribes some medications.

Surgical treatment is necessary if bleeding in the brain causes this type of headaches.